Security Registers
A security management solution that keeps your business compliant.

Security Registers offers an effective and simple way to manage security staff sign on at your venue or for your security business.

Our software efficiently takes care of the administration of security staff sign-on and sign-off adhering to Queensland Government Office of Fair Trading and Liquor Licencing compliance.

Security Registers not only take care of the sign-in / sign-off process but manages and securely stores incident reports, and documentation if requested at a later date. Security Registers securely stores and manages staff times making employee time tracking easy, streamlining the security register process for busy businesses needing a effective solution for security compliance.

It’s the one place where you can onboard, manage sign-on, stay compliant and keep and maintain security team records accurately.
Software Features:

  1. > Easily onboard staff and create profiles
  2. > Staff simply sign on and off shifts via the mobile app
  3. > Instantly stores staffs start and finishing times to the encrypted secure database
  4. > Holds records and incident reports for audit periods
  5. > Send notifications to staff and management
  6. > Stay compliant with digital sign-off
  7. > Build and customise reports
  8. > Alert management when there is a security risk
  9. > View detailed security risk reports and download for print
  10. > Analyse and evaluate peak times
  11. > Display video with compliance info
  12. > No more printed security register books
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