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Frequently Asked Questions

Security Registers offers an effective and simple way to manage security staff sign on at your venue or for your security business. Our software efficiently takes care of the administration of security staff sign-on and sign-off adhering to Queensland Government Office of Fair Trading and Liquor Licensing compliance.

Security Registers takes care of the sign-in/sign-off process and manages and securely stores incident reports, and documentation if requested at a later date. Security Registers securely stores and manages staffing and makes employee time tracking easy, streamlining the security register process for busy businesses needing a effective solution for security compliance.

Yes, the guidelines that we have to keep to are available online and the link for you to review is

The venue management are the only people with access to your data. When you are compliance checked by the Liquor Unit, OLGR or OFT you must be able to log and and print the registers if requested. You must be able to bind the print outs by stapling the pages 3 times along the spine and if requested place some tape over the staples.

Yes definitely! Having the assurance that your security guards licenses are checked before they sign on is priceless. Guards cannot change their sign in times, so if they are late, they cannot “fudge the times” like they can in the old style paper registers.

Yes, Security Registers is simply a platform that can be used by any guard providing they have the correct valid security license .

Using Security Registers means you no longer need to use a paper register, however, we highly recommend keeping an emergency paper register in case of a carrier or network drop out so you still have documentation of your register. 

Yes, you can use our CCTV converter to upload CCTV footage directly to an incident report and even view it from the secure portal on the app. 

You can upload CCTV footage directly to an incident from the incidents page on your portal.

All registers and reports need to be kept for 7 years, with any CCTV footage stored for 12 months. Fear not, Security Registers stores all reports and footage for the correct time frames.

Has your Security license expired?

Security Guards in Queensland must have a valid and current license to be able to sign in at venues and use the Security Registers app upon sign in. 

Check your security license through on the official Government database below. If your license has expired, you can renew your license through the Liquor, Gaming and Fair Trading portal below.